Can K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement Substitute Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement?

A trending supplement on the market today is Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement. The supplement comes in the form of chewable flavored tablets and is suitable for dogs of 7 weeks of age and older. Dog owners feed their pets with this tablet to build the pet’s muscles, boost their immune system, improve vision, increase appetite, and enhance their metabolism process among others. K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement, on the other hand, is a powder that can cure any joint related problems ranging from minor pain to chronic pain including arthritis. It is also effective for treating other health problems as well.

Components of Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement and K9 Collagen Supplement

Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement comprises of ingredients including brewers dried yeast, pea protein, wheat flour, glycerin, omega fish concentrate, and vegetable lecithin. K9 Collagen, unlike Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement is a pure marine collagen solution. It contains high percentage of collagen extracted from the salmon fish skin and highly bioactive amino acid. No added preservatives can be seen in both the supplements and they are chemical-free.

K9 Collagen is Designed to Arrest the Root Cause of Joint Pain

While the Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement can support muscle and joint pain by supplying vitamins, it does not arrest the root cause. Joint pain in dogs is commonly caused by the deficiency of collagen and cartilage on the body. Collagen is the elastic fiber that keeps the tissues of joints flexible. Cartilage is a cushion-like protection that keeps the bones from grinding against each other. When these two components decrease due to aging, fractures, sprains, and injuries, it leads to development of pain in joints and arthritis.

The high percentage of marine collagen in the K9 supplement can boost the collagen and also increase its production rate. The supplement, unlike the Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement also builds the cartilage production network. The solution provides complete joint cure as it can arrest the damage. It can cure a dog suffering from inflammation and swelling in joints as a result of arthritis.

Which Supplement Is A Better Solution For Joint Pain Cure?

Though Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement contains omega fish concentrate, K9 Collagen is more effective for curing joint inflammation and pain as it contains higher percentage of marine collagen. Users of K9 Collagen have seen immediate effects on their dog’s health after consumption. Unlike Bully max Dog Joint Supplement, K9 Collagen is suitable for all dogs. There is no age limit for dogs in order to consume the supplement. It is to be noted that, cases of arthritis including hip dysplasia are seen in young dogs as they are born with it. In such cases, the Bully Max Dog Joint Supplement cannot be fed to the dog.

Dog owners can safely replace K9 Collagen with Bully Max solution for effectively treating joint pain.

Key Features of K9 Collage Hip and Joint Supplement

The key features of the K9 Collagen supplement include:

  • Increased mobility in joint function

The high percentage of collagen in the solution increases the flexibility of tissues. It increases the mobility of joints.

  • Enhanced immune system efficiency

The immune system that degenerates as a result of aging can be enhanced by the intake of the supplement.

  • Get rid of rashes

Your dog can be free of rashes and any type of skin allergies if you feed him with the supplement.

  • Decreased weight

An obese dog can benefit from this solution as well. It decreases the weight but still supplies healthy vitamins and proteins for keeping the pet’s health on check.

  • Better heart health

A degenerating heart can be enhanced with the daily consumption of the dog supplement.

  • Improved memory retention power

Aging can lead your dog to forget tricks or bar him from learning new ones as his memory retention power decreases. Dog owners who have fed their dog with the supplement have seen increased rate of brain efficiency in their pets.

For a better joint cure and for availing multiple benefits, you can treat your pet with K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement.

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