K9 Collagen Hip And Joint Supplement: A Better Alternative To Dog Hip Sling

dog hip sling

Your dog may be born with hip dysplasia but he can have a better life if you provide him with proper supplement. Of course, there are other options including a dog hip sling for assisting pets that cannot support their weight and ease pain, but it cannot give long term treatment. K9 Collagen is the best joint support supplement available in the market today. The supplement is made out of collagen extracted out of salmon skin and bioactive amino acid that supplies healthy proteins, fats, and vitamins to strengthen the bones of your dog.

K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement is a better option

It is time to replace the dog hip sling with K9 Collagen Hip and Joint supplement to speed up the process of healing arthritis or hip dysplasia. The solution is designed to boost the natural production of collagen, an elastic fiber that keeps the skin tissues elastic. It can also boost cartilage level in the pet’s body, responsible for protecting grinding of bones against each other. A dog hip sling can never provide all these benefits, even if it can provide temporary relief by offering support.

Swelling of skin in the affected joints, rigidity, and pain are all part and parcel of arthritis. In order to remove all these symptoms, and make your pet live a better quality life, you can supply your dog with the supplement which offers natural solution. It is 100% chemical-free and is suitable and safe for everyday use.

Added benefits of K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement

K9 Collagen will provide your dog with extra benefits which a dog hip sling will never do. It can increase the level of collagen and cartilage in your pet’s body responsible for proper functioning and mobility of joints. Apart from that, the collagen is also known to reduce weight which is vey essential if your pet is suffering from hip dysplasia. The excess pressure supplied to the joints can degenerate the problem and cause more pain. K9 Collagen also increases the efficiency of the immune system and keep common diseases at bay. Once you start feeding your dog with K9 supplement, you will notice increased appetite in your dog. He will also be free of common rashes, allergies, and skin problems. A dog hip sling can only provide temporary joint support.

Key features of K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement

The key features of K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Supplement are listed as under. However, it is not limited only to these:

  • It provides natural hip and joint pain cure

A dog hip sling can offer temporary support to your dog’s joint problem, but it can never provide cure. K9 Collagen supplement is, however, loaded with highly potent collagen that arrests the root cause of the problem. The proteins, fats, and vitamins make the bones stronger and eliminate pain.

  • It improves flexibility

The collagen supply improves the flexibility of the degenerating tissues. You will see increased activity and performance level of your dog once you start feeding our dog with the supplement.

  • It reduces weight

The supplement can keep your dog’s weight in check by supplying only healthy vitamins and proteins essential for your dog’s bones. A dog hip sling cannot offer the benefit.

  • It boosts immune system

Your pet’s immune system is always kept on check with the supply of collagen. He will be able to fight against common diseases better after the intake of the powder.

  • It heals rashes

Your dog is prone to suffer from rashes and skin allergies especially during summer. The supplement can take care of all skin related diseases, providing your pet with a quality life.

  • It improves heart’s health

The combination of collagen and amino acid work to improve the health of your pet’s heart. It reduces the risk of heart failures and chest pain.

  • It improves brain’s efficiency

As your pet ages, it is only normal for him to forget tricks and learnt cues. He will also perform tasks with less efficiency. The salmon collagen supplement can, however, improve the brain’s efficiency and make him remember more.

You can safely go for K9 Collagen to benefit your dog and tackle his joint problem.

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