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For those who own pets, very well acknowledge the fact that they are prone to diseases and deficiencies much more than a human body. They need to be taken care of adequately. We all wish to provide a better, joyful and happy life to our beloved pets. To ensure a healthy life proper food, nourishment and pet supplements are required. They develop deficiencies with age causing them inadequacy in walking, seeing, or internal functioning. Being a pet owner you all must realize the essential importance of pet supplements for a healthy life for your pet.

K9 Collagen And Pet Diseases

K9 collagen products are laboratory tested and approved as one of the best supplements for proper canine health. Collagen deficiency in dogs, just like in humans, causes discomfort to them in numerous ways. The only difference is that pets are not able to communicate their discomfort to us which makes them even more vulnerable. Collagen deficiency causes different diseases such as

  • Osteoarthritis- this form of arthritis affects the joints significantly in a degenerative style. Your dog may be suffering from swelled joints, painful movements as well as degeneration of bone and cartilage. It has long term effects due to significant bone and cartilage loss. As we know collagen degeneration is the root cause of cartilage and bone loss therefore by supplementing collagen loss we can prevent osteoarthritis in our pets. High collagen potency in K9collagen makes it one of the most favourable choices of pet owners.
  • Hip dysplasia- it is a very common disease among dogs. The bone cartilages in the hip joints get inflamed causing painful hip joint for your pet. Destruction of collagen will dominate the generation causing an imminent deficiency. Larger dogs are typically affected more by this disease than smaller dogs. K9 collagen pet supplements intake by your pet may provide beneficial results in the form of proper collagen restoration in their body. When collagen regeneration starts to overtake the destruction the root cause of this disease gets washed out. This is the main reason K9 collagen is considered the best supplement.
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – it is a disease causing collagen deficiency in a dog’s body leading to multiple health problems. Collagen is a very important protein of your dog’s body responsible for proper movement, the flexibility of joints and ligaments and much more. Deficiency of collagen due to this disease may cause lack of mobility, joint pains, hip joint pains, deteriorated health and much more problems. To reduce the effect of this disease the K9 collagen pet supplements provide sufficient collagen into your dog’s body making it less prone to defects mentioned. It reduces joint pain, swelling and increases mobility effectively leading to a healthier life for your dog.

Why K9 Collagen?

  • K9 collagen pet supplements contain a high percentage of pure collagen naturally extracted from salmon fish and amino acid that helps effectively in treating any bone related problem.
  • K9 collagen pet supplements are readily absorbable because of a unique characteristic property salmon fish collagen which makes it easily absorbable for dog’s body.
  • The highly potent marine collagen provides a number of benefits apart from arthritis pains such as better health, increased heart efficiency, better hair, skin and much more.
  • It is fit for any kind of dog irrespective of breed, age or gender. It is extremely safe to be consumed under any circumstances. It can be included in your pet’s daily intake of diet.
  • K9 collagen’s pet supplements provide long term effects to your pets not only in terms of joint or bone related problems but other health related issues too. It promotes healthy functioning of organs and bones for proper development and care of your dog. It ultimately leads your dog to a happier life without pain.

Other medications or surgeries advised by vets may be beneficial for a first few years but with the old age, these surgeries become the root cause of much more serious problems. Also if your dog is aged and unfit, a surgery or other medical treatment could severely damage its kidney and other organs. The safest route to your dog’s perfect health without severe side effects even in the long term is K9 collagen’s pet supplements.

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