Treat Hip Dysplasia with Hip Brace and K9 Collagen

Dog hip brace

The dog hip brace renders assistance and little compression to the muscles and joints in the hips as well as lower back. It is perfect for active dogs who suffer from mild to medium hip dysplasia, arthritis, lower endurance during playtime, lower back ache, hip pain, posterior leg limping and weakness. It is also suggested for the dogs recovering from injury or surgery. Dog hip brace is a perfect aid for old age when dogs have difficulty in getting around. However, along with using a hip brace for dogs, you also need to focus on their diet. Including sufficient collagen in their daily food intake will help them have a healthy and active lifestyle for their whole life.

Why is Collagen Important for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia?

The structural protein collagen is a significant nutrient for your dog’s articular cartilage. Collagen is required to form tensile and elastic fiber which apparently forms an important cartilage mass constituent. The fiber of the collagen allows the dog to have optimally functioning joints and hips. So, when the body of the dog fails to produce sufficient collagen, then every dog should be given enough of K9 Collagen for a constant joint care. It lubricates the joints, reduces friction from occurring and improvises the overall health of the dog.

A perfect diet along with dog hip brace could help your dog return back to his active lifestyle in just a few days. Dog hip brace is designed for dogs of all sizes and ages. It is available in small, medium, as well as large size and the brace, is modifiable. The space mesh brace helps to keep the hip and joints of your dog intact and allow them to move swiftly. You can allow your dog to move around with the brace by unleashing the harness. It can be used when your dog is active.

How can K9 Collagen Help Your Dog Fight Hip Dysplasia?

The low collagen in dogs can occur for a number of reasons, like shortage of collagen diet or natural aging procedure. Often there are cases when low-quality dog food offering a low concentration of collagen causes severe health issues in a dog. The collagen is of great use for dogs. According to experts, a top quality diet with an apt quantity of collagen will not just prohibit collagen deficit happening from aging, but also revive his inner being and make him active till the last days of his life.

You would never want your canine friend to lose hope and interest in his life. It is very important that you offer support during his troublesome days. Dogs with dysplasia and arthritis tend to get lazy and inactive. A good nutritious diet of K9 Collagen can promote his health and activity level. Fit a perfect dog hip brace and give your dog his much-needed lifestyle. A perfect diet teamed with a good quality dog hip brace could serve as a perfect combo to render help and comfort to your dog for walking and running.

The Long Term Effects of K9 Collagen:

  • Unlike the other joint collagen supplements, K9 works as a perfect lubricant for your dog’s joint.
  • It adds to joint regeneration at different levels of the body right from ligaments, tendons, cartilage to muscles and more.
  • It includes a little bit of resistance and elasticity in the skeleton system of your pet to eradicate all the stiffness of the joints and hips.
  • It reduces the friction between the bones to absorb unrequired muscular shock.
  • Dog hip brace along with K9 collagen can alleviate the effect of arthritis and joint pain.
  • Overall it has a profound effect on your dog’s life quality.
  • It lowers down the pain, inflammation, and weakening of the muscles and contributes to the better health of your dog.

So, by adding a dog hip brace to your dog, you do not just provide support to his posterior body part but also give him his lost confidence. By supplying extra collagen to your dog, you slow down his aging procedure and revive his body from inside. Your pet will surely love the new changes in his body and return back to his normal life in a short span of time.

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