K9 COLLAGEN Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs - Pure Collagen Dog Supplement -120 Capsules


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  • PURE MARINE COLLAGEN DOG SUPPLEMENTS – If you’re looking for high-quality collagen dog supplements, K9 Collagen Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs fit the bill – These dog supplements use pure marine collagen of high potency
  • BOOSTS NATURAL COLLAGEN PRODUCTION – K9 Collagen stimulates the natural production of collagen in your pet dog’s body - This reduces protein deficiency risks to a huge extent, resulting in your dog’s overall improved health
  • FOR PAIN-FREE HIPS & JOINTS – Marine collagen & other constituent amino acids in these dog supplements improve mobility, reduce joint pain/hip pain, repair cartilage breakdown/burnout, minimize tenderness/swelling
  • TACKLES COMMON CANINE AILMENTS – With an improved protein profile, your pet dog will be less likely to suffer from common canine ailments like lupus, osteoporosis & arthritis – Collagen also improves skin health to prevent certain allergies
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER TO DOGS OF ALL AGES – K9 Collagen Capsules - Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order a 1-month supply of the best pet supplements right away


 Product Description


            Looking for Dog Supplements for Joints?

There’s a dizzyingly large variety available of pet supplements, especially dog supplements for joints. However, most of these are plain placebos that rarely work. But worry not – with K9 Collagen Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs, you finally have a safe alternative that ensures the overall wellbeing of your beloved pet dog, regardless of its breed, size or age.


Pure Marine Collagen – Only with K9 Collagen

Unlike most other dog supplements, K9 Collagen uses the purest marine collagen at its highest potency. Marine collagen retains most of its bioactivity. We freeze dry salmon collagen into an easy-to-administer powder capsules.


Benefits of Marine Collagen


  • Marine collagen stimulates the production of natural collagen that helps in minimizing protein deficiency risks in pet dogs.
  • Being an efficient anti-coagulant, it improves joint health by repairing burnt-out cartilage tissue & tendons. This reduces joint pain, hip pain, swelling & tenderness.
  • K9 Collagen helps in bringing down the risks of & damage from arthritis, lupus & osteoporosis.
  • Helps enhance mobility, vitality & overall health.
  • Helps improve skin health & fight common allergies.


With all these benefits rolled into a single package, it’d be difficult to find a better joint support for dogs than K9 Collagen. What’s more, this dog supplement is all-natural & free of harmful chemical additives!

Wait no longer – Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order 1-month supply of the best collagen supplements for dogs right away!