Puppy Getting Old

Puppy Getting Old

First gray hair on your dog snout is often first characteristic of dog’s aging. Worse sight and hearing are other signals as well as orthopedic problems.

For dogs time passes quickly. Your 2 year old is in reality frisky 22 year old human. Your neighbor’s 12 year old lady is 70 year old grandma. While bringing new puppy home we have to keep in mind that those several years it will spend with us, for them is a whole life; from puppy to old age. For us this time is just a part of our lives.

First year of dog’s life is about 14 of human years. Next year we count as 7 years. Some scientists however do not separate first two years. This thought is based on statement that 2 year is estimated to be an adult and compares it to 21-23 year old man. Each next year is roughly 5 of human years.

Dogs’ aging process is similar to people, but faster. Large and giant breeds age much faster than small dogs. Old age is usually noticed with first gray hair on our four- legged hair friend face. Actually aging process starts earlier than that. Decrease of dog’s activity, less interest in its surroundings, less desire for playing and bragging about their skills are symptoms of either disease or old age. The dog that was previously active, becomes more static and moves more slowly and sleeps much more is getting old.

It's depressing to look at aging and sick dog that not so long ago was just a playful puppy. Unfortunately, time cannot be stopped. All we can give to our old friend is a loving care and affection.  

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