Collagen Supplements For Dogs: Why K9 Collagen Hip And Joint Support Stands Out Among The Rest?

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Joint supplements usually contain collagen as they are essential components for your pet’s healthy joints. Collagen supplements can be used to control symptoms of arthritis, degenerative joint diseases, and hip dysplasia among other conditions. But with so many collagen supplements for dogs to choose from, how can you ascertain which ones work and which don’t? 

Most of the collagen supplements for dogs additionally contain pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that can temporarily ease the discomfort or pain caused by joint problems but cause side effects in the long run. Other ingredients contained in the regular collagen supplements for dogs include methylsulfonylmethane, magnesium stearate, and brewer’s yeast. Not all supplements are beneficial for all pets and it is especially risky to feed a diabetic dog with these supplements as it increases health risks.

K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Support, is however, different from the rest of the supplements. Made out of pure collagen extracted from salmon fish skin, the solution is safe to be consumed by any breed of dog. It is also designed to be included in their daily diet for best results.

Why is K9 Collagen Different From Other Supplements?

The regular collagen supplements for dogs do not contain collagen in its purest form as in K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Support. They are loaded with added preservatives and less percentage of collagen and some even include chemicals. Some of the common side effects of regular collagen supplements for dogs include diarrhea, change in blood and glucose levels, decreased kidney function, and liver dysfunction. If the supplements contain steroids, they can decrease joint function in the long run.

K9 Collagen stands out from the rest of the products as it is 100% steroids free and contains higher percentage of pure marine collagen. It is also to be noted that fish collagen is more effective than animal collagen and collagen from poultry source as they contain anti-inflammatory properties and is hypoallergenic. It is thus safer to use fish collagen especially while treating joint problems in dogs.

More and more customers are discarding the regular collagen supplements for dogs and turning to K9 Collagen, thanks to its high quality collagen content. The supplement can also provide a number of other health benefits for your pet and improve the quality of life.

K9 Collagen is An Effective Joint Pain Cure

The combination of collagen and amino acid work to treat your pet’s rigid joints by increasing the elasticity of tissues. It can also increase the cartilage responsible for the bone’s proper function. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, both collagen and amino acid can reduce swelling in joints, tenderness, and provide pain relief. Amino acid is also good for your dog’s skin and can remove problems of allergies and rashes apart from providing joint pain relief.

Main features of K9 Collagen Hip And Joint Supplement

  • It is the best among collagen supplements for dogs

Owing to its high percentage of pure marine collagen and chemical-free nature, the supplement is the best among collagen supplements for dogs.

  • It is safe for dogs of all breeds

The supplement is 100% steroids free and is safe to be consumed by all breeds of dogs. It also does not have any age restriction.

  • It cures arthritis

The best cure for dog arthritis available today is K9 Collagen Hip and Joint Support. You can feed your pet with the solution to cure any type of arthritis including hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative arthritis.

  • It increases flexibility

The supplement can make your pet’s tissues elastic and thus his flexibility and range of movement will dramatically increase.

  • It lowers heart risk

The supplement can lower the risk of heart diseases in your pet.

  • It decreases weight

Obese dogs can be fed with the supplement to keep their weight in check. It is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis that are overweight.

Select the best joint support for your pet today and reap the multiple benefits that come along with the supplement. Your dog can start leading a healthy lifestyle starting today. It is never too late to begin and start taking care of his ailing joints.

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