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Collagen - What is it Important?

K9 collagen supplement

The structural protein collagen is an indispensable nutrient part for the articular cartilage of a dog. Collagen is naturally placed in every articular cartilage, where it is needed to form the particularly tensile and temporally elastic fibers which in turn constitute an essential component of the cartilage mass.

These collagen fibers enable the dogs' cartilages to optimally fulfill their important protective function for the joints and to minimize any impacts on them. Unfortunately, the body of a dog is not able to produce the necessary amount of collagen on its own as it gets older, therefore every dog has to absorb this structural protein regularly via collagen supplements. These supplements provide a regular joint care and they lubricate the joints. This prevents friction from occurring and it improves the overall dog’s health.

Collagen Strengthens the Articular Cartilage

The result of a cartilaginous capability reduction is, as stated, a reduction in the movement capacity of the affected muscles and joints. It affects the joints of a dog and causes painful side effects. In the further course the articular cartilage degenerates even further, and after a while, the dog may suffer from severe pain and stiffness in the joints. This naturally reduces the agility of a dog as well as its joy in life, because nothing else matters for them except their natural movement urge to the full extent. In an advanced stage,the collagen deficiency and cartilage regression can even cause arthritis disorder. That is why K9 collagen provides excellent joint care supplements in order to strengthen the cartilage by lubricating it and giving it elasticity.

How does the Collagen Deficiency Develop Among Dogs?

The collagen deficiency among dogs can be caused by different circumstances, such as a deficient collagen diet or by the natural aging process. In some cases, the low-quality dog food with a very low concentration of the structural protein collagen can represent a huge problem for the dog’s health. The collagen is so important for the cartilage, therefore many experts regard that the food is may be the greatest danger for collagen deficiency among dogs. However, even a high-quality feed with sufficient amount of collagen will not surely prevent a collagen deficit occurring because of the aging process.By supplying your dog with an extra collagen, you will slow down his aging process and revive his inner being.

It Provides Long-Term Efficient and Effective Results:

Unlike many others,substandard natural joint collagen supplements, the K9 one not only that it acts as a lubricant for the dog's joints but also it contributes to the overall joint regeneration at all levels within the body (cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and synovial fluid). It can bring to the skeleton system of your dog a sort of resistance and elasticity needed to prevent any stiffness of the joints, to reduce bone friction and to absorb any unwanted muscle shock.

K9 Collagen Supplements are Capable of Preventing Arthritis and They Provide an Excellent Joint Care

Arthritis is one of the most common health issues of our pets face today. It can occur in any joint, from neck to toes, although it is commonly found in the hips and elbows.
Arthritis and joint pain can have a profound impact on your dog's quality of life. Fortunately, there are some common supplements that can help alleviate these effects such as - collagen.
Despite the disease, the cartilage is vulnerable to diseases among which the most common one is osteoarthritis- it affects all the joints in the body. It causes inflammation, pain and it is also familiar for weakening the muscles.Collagen is one of the few supplements that is able to resist arthritis and thus contribute to a better dog’s health.


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