K9 Collagen

Number of people affected by joint conditions is increasing. Nowadays, joint problems attack even young people. This is mostly due to lifestyles we are leading; overweight, lack of movement and exercise, stress or bad diet. Degeneration of joints can also be caused by mechanical injury as well as pathology of anatomical build of body. Autoimmune diseases and nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to distortions of their structure.

Bone tissue is made out of a network of collagen fibers, which contain minerals building bone. Thanks to K9 collagen, bones are elastic and better amortize concussions. Loss of collagen that progresses with age can cause acceleration of bone tissue loss.

Most of the time joint diseases start from wearing out to complete depletion of articular cartilage causing joint to stop functioning properly. This is when we start to experience creaks and stiffness of joints that later are fallowed by pain and swelling.

In such a state the simplest way is to reach for anti-inflammatory or other drugs that reduce pain. Unfortunately, this solution is only temporary and you have to keep in mind that long-term use of these drugs can have damaging effects on your liver, which is why K9 COLLAGEN is your best solution!

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