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Having a dog has many benefits for the human’s health. It encourages each and everyone to go out for a walk everyday single day. A pet could help in lowering the blood pressure, relieve from anxiety problems and can even improve the human’s immune system.
However, dogs are vulnerable to some health issues that are affecting humans also. In their final years of life especially, a dog can suffer from joint problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.
It can be very difficult to diagnose health problems among dogs until the problem or disease is advanced enough to affect their activity level and movement capacity.

If you identify some of these symptoms, your dog may be suffering from some health problem:

  • Difficulties to perform daily activities, such as getting up on the couch, getting in the car, or climbing the stairs.
  • Walk sideways or even limp slightly.
  • To rely on one leg frequently for no apparent reason
  • Less interest in playing, walking or socializing with other dogs
  • Walking slowly and stiffly, avoiding running whenever possible
  • Excessive panting
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Periodical choking

Some races are more prone to these problems than others. Purebred dogs are more likely to have inherited health disorders because of the lack of genetic diversity - a mixed breed or popularly called a ‘’mongrel” is less likely to suffer from joint problems. If a dog is experiencing joint difficulties, а joint support throughout collagen supplements is essential.

The K9 Collagen Supplements are Designed to Support the Joints by:

  • Serving to prevent arthritis and to provide joint support when needed
  • For the feeding-specific support of young dogs in the growth and training phase
  • For maintaining healthy joints among older dogs
  • For the maintenance of healthy joints and cartilage biosynthesis of the joints
  • They are effectively and successfully accepted and used by the dogs
  • It can also stimulate the inner production of collagen
  • It increases the pet’s mobility and aliveness
  • It is also great for the skin and it prevents many unwanted allergies and skin diseases from occurring                                                                                                                                               

These supplements are especially healthy for the dogs as they are for us.They are composed of varieties of natural and healthy antioxidant ingredients (Salmon collagen and omega acids) that are vital.

As dogs get older, sicker or stressed it may suffer from a dangerously low level of vitamin C and other important nutrients (collagen) within the body, so supplements enriched with marine collagen can be very beneficial for their health.

In addition to incorporating these important nutrients into your dog's daily diet that act as a joint support assets, you can also complement certain healthy habits to their daily routine.These tips are not useful only for the joints but also for the general well-being of the dog:

  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Do some exercise daily
  • Go to the vet for a review to give them annual vaccinations
  • And of course, do not forget to give him these supplements on a day to day basis

Large dogs are especially prone to hip dysplasia, especially German shepherds, Labradors and other breeds that grow rapidly during the puppy stage.

Like humans, dogs that are overweight are more prone to joint problems due to the additional pressure being exerted on the joints.

But do not fall intodespair, there are a lot of treatments that can be very effective for dogs with joint problems such as the collagen enriched supplements.
However, it is best before you start using any nutritional supplements for pets as a joint support tool, to consult with your veterinarian first,  to make sure what type of product may be the right one for your dog, depending on its health.

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