The Best Supplement for Dogs- K9 Collagen

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Why is Collagen Important for Dogs?

Collagen is a type of protein which is found in our body in abundance. It can be found in tendons, joints, digestive system, skin, blood vessels etc. It is basically a protein in a form of glue which binds the body together. It helps maintain the elasticity and strength of our skin. But with age, the production of this protein decreases because of which our skin shows signs of aging and wrinkles. Similarly, because of the external environment dog’s collagen level decreases and gives rise to several joint issues. These joint and tissues problems can be avoided by using dog supplements for joints. It is seen that dogs of almost all breeds suffer from these types of problem. It can be genetic, that is it is just passed on to them or in other cases, it can be due to old age.

Why are Collagen Supplements Needed for Dogs?

Since people have used collagen supplements for anti- aging purpose, it’s very unusual to believe that collagen used as dog supplements for joints can do wonders for your dog too. A dog’s health is similar to us, they too start aging with time, maybe they don’t suffer from aging and wrinkles but they definitely start losing their collagen level because of which they can develop certain joint and tissue problem. As already said collagen is present in ligament and joint cartilage and also tendons to provide strength so when they lose this protein their ligaments are not able to withhold the tension that joints create while stretching.

A dog’s ligament needs elasticity property which is provided by K9 collagen to support the joint and prevent it from any wear and tear. Some of the diseases that dogs develop because of loss of collagen are canine hip and elbow dysplasia. These are very common and almost every dog suffers from these problems. Canine hip and elbow dysplasia are conditions which can cause the formation of the hip socket and a disease of joint cartilage which can lead to crippling lameness in dogs. Joint arthritis can be very painful for your pet.

 Ingredients of K9 Collagen

 It is very important for all dog lovers and dog breeders to know about the benefits of collagen supplements. Collagen supplements can help to make your pet’s joints and tissues strong and protect it from any internal wear and tear. K9 Collagen is a collagen supplement for dogs which are specially made by the experts for your dog’s better health and lifestyle. Dogs are very adventurous and playful so, any kind of disease related to joints and ligaments can reduce the efficiency of your dog. It can even affect the overall joyful nature of your dog.

K9 Collagen is a dog supplement for joints which is found effective in reducing joint problems and increasing the dog’s health with time. It can be given to dogs of any breed. The main effective ingredient of K9 Collagen is salmon. Salmon is very effective for skin and can do wonders. It is one of the best sources of collagen because of which it has been chosen as the main ingredient for collagen supplements. It is in a powdered form and contains essential elements of nutrients and minerals which are known to benefit a dog’s health. This is the best way to protect your pet from any future health problem.

Benefits of K9 Collagen

Collagen deficiency can start at an early age or during the old age depending on the lifestyle of a dog. K9 Collagen is the best dog supplement for joints you can ever get.

  • It is an effective and easy to absorb supplement for your dog.
  • It contains all the essential minerals are vitamins needed to maintain the dog’s health. Joint pain or crippling movement can be easily identified in dogs by seeing their movement. Joint problems can cause great discomfort and pain to dogs. It can affect their day to day activities because of the stiffness, limping and swelling caused.
  • One supplement a day can add to your dog’s health. K9 Collagen is easy to digest supplement which is made by using a process called lyophilisation which helps in keeping the supplements fresh all the time.
  • The main property of K9 Collagen is to maintain the elasticity of the tissues and ligaments and ensure faster healing of injuries.

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